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Wedding Receptions

We offer you carte blanche, let your imagination go! Whether you want to keep things simple or create a grand event.


Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine prepared by true Italian chefs. Exceptional sushi and delicious szechuan original.

Corporate event

Accommodating events from 10-250, our hall has played host to a number of high profile companies and well-known consumer brands for their promotional events and private dinner-entertaining.

Prima Luna a contemporary venue for your wedding, offering Italian cuisine, Szechuan delicacies and sushi to perfection

Our halls


RestaurantModern and classic exceptional Italian

Impeccable service and award-winning cuisine; can create an unforgettable opportunity. Innovative dishes respecting the Italian traditions created especially for your event.

Salle de reception

HallContemporary, and well-proportioned space

We offer you a beautiful and romantic setting for your wedding ceremony, reception, and evening celebration, fulfilling all your dreams for the special day.


ChapiteauEvent in a modern setting

A tailor-made place to create the perfect atmosphere for your event. Prima Luna, is the ideal company to make your wedding a unique moment with your loved ones.


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